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Machine Tool Alignment Inc.
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Morley Machine Tool Alignment has done extensive machine tool rebuild, repair, and alignments for us for at least 15 years. We are very satisfied with their work. Our shop specializes in large, complex titanium aerospace parts. Morley has been instrumental in helping us maintain consistent and accurate part production.

Our equipment consists of 9 large multi-spindle Wilson machines. These have a working envelope of 144" x 80" x24". Our other equipment consists of a 90 foot bed, with twin Cincinnati 5 axis, 3 spindle gantries, and 6 other large envelope 5 axis machines.

They have been a solid and reputable business partner for PMW and their work is exacting and done right. We, recommend that any shop with large equipment should seriously consider Morley Machine Tool Alignment.

Doug Hartley
Facilities Manager
Precision Machine Works, Inc.

Morley Machine Tool and Alignment has been a large asset to Giddens Industries over the past seven years. I called on Morley to resolve a variety of complex machine issues. One of the issues involved moving a large SNK 120 CNC milling machine to our new Facilities. During the reinstall they noticed the ways were worn on the Y axis. Morley recommended an upgrade to the oilier system and regrinding the Y axis ways. This avoided Giddens having to replace a large capital investment in CNC equipment.

Morley has done all of the laser aliment and leveling on the CNC equipment at Giddens. There are two machines at Giddens that have large 60" X 60" work envelopes that need to be aligned on an annual P.M. program. Morley was able to perform alignment and pitch error compensation to hold a tolerance of .0005 throughout the work envelope on both machines.

Morley has provided a very high level of quality service, and does what ever it takes to get our equipment back on-line and ready for production. They provide excellent ballbar testing and alignment for my annual Preventive Maintenance Program.

I highly recommend Morley Machine Tool Alignment for all machine repairs, rebuilds, retrofits, or any type of equipment maintenance.

George Heiserman
Facilities Manager
Giddens Industries, Inc.

Morley Machine Tool Alignment, Inc. has worked with SNK America since 1996. The Morley team has assisted with many major repairs and complete installations including larger SNK RB 200 CNC machines.

The repairs have ranged from major way scraping, gib scraping, ballscrew replacement, spindle replacement, and various troubleshooting.

They have also aligned and calibrated many of our machines with their laser systems for the final buy off.

We would recommend Morley Machine Tool Alignment for any of the above services.

Donald G. Lavertue
West Coast Sr. Service Manager
SNK America, Inc.

SEATTLE (April 30, 2015) - Seattle Business magazine honored 18 pioneering companies at its annual Washington Manufacturing Awards gala last night at the Museum of Flight. The event attracted 300 leaders from across the state. The diversity of this year's finalists-which included companies that make everything from water jet machining equipment to medical devices-demonstrates the breadth and depth of the state's industrial base.

Manufacturing Press Release 2015 (PDF - 149 KB)